Biletele si abonamentele sunt disponibile pe, in oficiile Postei Romane, in Magazinele Inmedio semnalizate si Magazinele Germanos din toata tara.
Otaku Fest 2015 full access tickets for international attendees are available online for pre-purchase on the Kanzen Music website. At the door tickets will also be available for purchase at the event, priced at 30 lei per day.



(short welcoming panegyric to spur the senses)

  • 01 Goldy (JP) – King of the Mechamen


    Meet Goldy, Mecha grandmaster and revered workshop instructor in Japan and worldwide. Admire his post-human costumes and discover how he makes them.

  • 02 Reika (JP) – A Perfect Example of Otaku Excellence


    Greet Reika, a proud otaku iconic figure with a gigantic cosplay wardrobe and a great deal of knowledge and skill. She told us to invite you to her workshop!

  • 03 Kaname (JP) – A Chameleonic Splendor, Hard to Resist


    Feast your eyes on some of his magnificent cosplays, elaborated up to the smallest detail, always surprising and picture-perfect!

  • 04 Yuegene Fay (TH) – Great Cosplay Legend And Persona


    Welcome Yuegene and admire the fantastic, sometimes surreal horizons she builds up out of simple imaginings. Her cosplays can give you that dreamlike feeling!

  • 05 R&R Art Group (RU) – Magnificent Cosplay Team


    Say hello to Ryoko and Rei and observe their impressive collective projects. They will bring along Kifir, a great photographer, and PredatoR, their cosplay partner and friend.

  • 06 Cage (DE) – Versatile Cosplay Talent


    In her 9 years of cosplay, she studied a whole architecture of fantasy typologies, illustrating glorious fictional characters. And her cosplay array is even larger… Meet her and find out!

  • 07 Pugoffka (UA) – Cosplay Photographer of Hundreds of Costumes


    Pugoffka returns to Otaku Festival with all her enthusiasm for cosplay photography. She already has an outstanding number of photo collections and this year her camera can be on you! Also, she invites you to her workshop on photo editing!

  • 08 Astarohime (RU) – Enchanted Cosplayer in Big Dresses


    Sometimes, fantasy can come to life if you’ve got the right material and perseverance. Astarohime can really impress you if you love the flamboyant style of the baroque dress.

  • 09 Dario Cosplay (IT) – Surprising Italiano Cosplayer


    A cosplay veteran and expert with a range of costumes that will thrill and amaze you! Italians love a good chitchat and he says he’s got many cosplay secrets to share with you!

  • 10 Welcome to the Demoscene


    We tempt you to explore the history of and experience this hybrid art form that combines programming, artistic and musical skills in order to create small, self-contained computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations, gathering an entire subculture “the demoscene“ around itself.

  • 11 Lina Lau (HK/UK) – A Sophisticated And Talented Cosplayer


    Lina is an old close friend and ally of Cosplay GEN. For cosplayers, a simple conversation with her can turn into a great learning experience. She is smart, friendly and kind, and her costumes are spectacular!

  • 12 BERLINER GAZETTE (DE) – Eminent Association With +900 contributors


    We are honored to welcome Beliner Gazette, a distinguished nonprofit and nonpartisan association of journalists, researchers, artists and coders. For more than 15 years, they published great articles and books, and organized conferences and workshops. They will bring you splendid panels and workshops!

  • 13 Sponge (RO/DE) – Keen Collaboration Platform For Media Visionaries


    Otaku Festival welcomes the Sponge media lab, a dedicated platform of journalists, coders, activists, legal experts, designers and students that plan to change the dishonest mainstream informational ecosystem in Eastern Europe.

  • 14 Takemura Juku (JP) – The Excellent Private School of Prof. Takemura


    Elaborated as a citizen lab different from the conventional university laboratories, this splendid Media Arts Lab from Sapporo (Japan) implemented numerous projects related to the creative-city concept. Find out more about it at Otaku Festival 2015!

  • 15 LEGO (DK/RO) – Legendary Plastic Bricks For Remarkable Recreations


    Brickenburg Association returns to Otaku Festival, and this year with even a larger collection of LEGO worlds. The surprises will be awe-inspiring and spectacular!

  • 16 Anime Conventions in the US


    The panel which explains how the US cons are made. Differences, similarities; guests, audiences; activities, contests all to be revealed in an entertaining presentation held by John Leigh.

  • 17 Cogito (RO) – Enthusiastic Youth Association With Exciting Activities


    Over the years, Cogito proved to be a reliable partner and friend, bringing every time inspiring and thought-provoking activities and challenges (old games, balsa flying kits, plamo workshops, etc). This year, they will take you back in time in their authentic camera obscura!

  • 18 Euro Cosplay (UK) – Renowned International Cosplay Competition


    It is already customary for us to send our winning cosplayers to represent our country internationally at MCM London Comic Con and to offer them a chance to improve their skills, technique and workmanship. Good luck!

  • 19 Clara Cow Cosplay Cup (NL) – Awesome International Cosplay Contest


    This year, Otaku Festival will host the Romanian preliminaries during the group cosplay contest and the winning team will travel to the Netherlands for the finals, hosted by Animecon 2015. In Hague, our two Romanian cosplayers can win a beautiful free trip to Japan! Best of luck!

  • 20 Anime Matsuri (US) – Colossal and Legendary Convention From the US


    Our new alliance with this remarkable convention fortifies the international Otaku Hub we built up over the years. Anime Matsuri is now the largest anime and Japanese pop-culture convention in Houston and you can be sure that you’re in for delightful surprises from them!

  • 21 Be Cosplay (BE) – Talented Belgian Cosplay Team


    Created in 2006, this is the first Belgian association dedicated to cosplay. They have numerous interesting activities in Belgium (cosplay dances, parades, workshops, etc.) and this year they are coming to Otaku Festival to share some of their knowledge!

  • 22 ADAMS (JP) – J-Rock Band Of A New Genesis


    Kanzen Music and Otaku Festival bring you the unconventional Japanese band ADAMS, an explosive and eccentric experience for all J-Rock fans out there. We dare you to face them! They will strip your soul bare!

  • 23 Toa Mata Band (IT) – The First Robotic Lego@ Band in the World


    Wise men say that strong essences are kept in small bottles. Watch this tiny robotic band and see for yourself how simple Lilliputian gestures turn into powerful sounds, noises and reverberations reaching gargantuan audiences!

  • 24 Daichi Kawada (JP) – Talented Mangaka from Japan


    This year, you have the opportunity to learn from a Japanese manga artist about manga and the process of manga drawing. Daichi Kawada is an artist invited to Otaku Festival with the help of our partners from the Romanian-Japanese Studies Center ”Angela Hondru”. Come to his workshop on manga drawing and find out lots of interesting tricks and tips!

  • 25 The Japan Tatedou Association (JP) – A Great Samurai & Ninja Experience


    Established in 2004 in Osaka, this energetic association aims to express the significance of Samurai and Ninja experience through performing arts. Watch their interesting show that combines Japanese martial arts with stunts!

  • 26 Plamo Workshop – Workshop for Mecha Maniacs


    For about 3 hours, with the help of Cogito Youth Association, you get the chance to assemble and explore piece by piece the structure and systematics of plamo robots and spaceships. Join their mechanical laboratory and create your great robot!

  • 27 Cosplay Workshop – What Your Cosplay Needs to Look Authentic


    In her demonstrative workshop, Dyana Smythe will teach you how to complete a prop or armor in style: to give it a nice shine or to make it seem as if you fought in a great battle! Don’t miss it!

  • 28 Illustration Workshop – Character Design: From Idea To Reality


    This year, an old friend and partener of Otaku Festival, Mistik, will tell you how to create a character, from idea up to the final drawing. You’ll also learn how to gather visual references for the design, and then you’ll go from thumbnail to the final design. You’ll also create an background image for the character, in order to see it in its own universe.

  • 29 Cosplay Workshop – Find Out How to Read And Use Sewing Patterns


    Even though the world of patterns is very complicated, this workshop’s purpose is to show you the simple steps to understanding it. Andreea aka Keiko will teach you how a pattern works, where you can get it from, standard pattern symbols, how to choose your pattern, and how to adjust it to your body.

  • 30 Emperor (RU) – Charismatic Cosplayer With A Variety of Styles


    Her cosplays suggest high quality, grace, grandeur and good taste. She proved that she can cosplay different characters with the same charm and polish, switching easily from the beautiful Princess Serenity to the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield. We can’t wait to see her next cosplay!

  • 31 Live Drawing – An Occasion to Participate To a Great Collective Artwork


    Prepare to show your participation to a splendid collective masterpiece, on a gigantic flip chart!

  • 32 Worbla Master Class (RO) – An Excellent Opportunity to Work With Worbla


    If you are an experienced cosplayer and want to learn from the best, we invite you to join this master class, coordinated by Livia Viziteu from Shinju’s Workshop, because it is a great occasion to discover the impressive potential of worbla.

  • 33 AMV Showcase – Exquisite Display of Video Editing Skills


    Make sure not to miss some of the best anime music videos out there. We’ll choose la creme de la creme of a wide selection and then bring them right for your hungry eyes to watch on the big screen of the festival.

  • 34 Mirela Murgescu (RO) – Erudite Professor And Pop-Culture Expert


    Salute and welcome once again our dear friend, Prof. Mirela Murgescu, who will take you into the otherworldly realm of the Japanese film director Satoshi Kon. Her panel is called Animation Like A Scalpel and will be a thrilling adventure of knowledge!

  • 35 Analogue Photo Workshop


    Exclusively for a festival in Romania, we bring to Otaku Festival a 60 years old photo camera to achieve portraits on positive photographic paper. Stay still for one minute and you might get yours too!

  • 36 Old School Videogames


    Dedicate some of your time to this energetic game, designed as a fast paced 4 player competitive party game with various modes and unique rules and levels! Just make sure you don’t forget to move, or you’ll die!

  • 37 Indie Videogames


    Indie games often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution. Indie gaming has seen a rise in the later half of the 2000s decade, primarily due to new online distribution methods and development tools. We invite you to experience some of our favorite gems!

  • 38 Spirits, then and now: from horrific to glam?


    Find our how yokai, oni, kami and other supernatural creatures are manifesting themselves in current popular culture from Alice Teodorescu, a media researcher/PhD student focusing on Japanese popular culture and globalization.

  • 39 Battlekon


    In fighting games players must master techniques such as blocking, counter-attacking, and chaining together sequences of attacks known as “combos” and our friends from Battlekon will be there to teach you all about it. Prepare your skills!

  • 40 Kimono Workshop (Reika) – An Unforgettable Lesson From A Cosplay Master


    Reika from Japan will teach you how to make an indispensable part of cosplaying traditional Japanese characters: the kimono. This demonstrative workshop will show you how to make kimonos following an easy method that can be used not only by experienced cosplayers, but also by the beginners.

  • 41 Cosplay GEN (RO) – Professional, Dedicated and Wholehearted Cosplay Magazine


    Get your collectible copy of Cosplay GEN, a magazine that proved to the big entertainment world the huge potential and fascination of costume recreations. Like an explorer eager to discover unknown regions, the Cosplay GEN team embarked in exciting adventures to research, question and examine numerous costume-related subjects, for the glory of cosplay and its progress!

  • 42 Otaku MAG (RO) – The Loneliest Magazine In The World


    Read and discover our fine independent underground and pop-culture magazine, so independent that it has no match in the history of art and subculture publications. After serious research and self-doubt, we found no other magazine with the same focus and structure. We feel proud and invite you to explore its content!

  • 43 CVY (SG) – Powerful Cosplays on a Delicate Figure


    Another dear friend will join us for all the fun. Cvy is coming back from Singapore straight to Otaku Festival, ready to show you another proof of her amazing skill.

  • 44 Meet & Greet – A Memorable Q&A Session With Our Guests


    Come to our Meet & Greet Session and become acquainted with our magnificent guests! Find out some of their secrets and impressions!

  • 45 Cosplay Photo Exhibition


    Cosplay GEN will present at Otaku Festival 2015 a great cosplay phtotography exhibiton with photos from our special guests’ amazing portfolios.

  • 46 Autograph Sessions


    Now, not only are we officially launching Cosplay Gen #09 at Otaku Festival 2015, but you’ll also get the chance to get your autographs from amazing cosplay stars.

  • 47 Photo Booth


    This year the photo booth is powered by Epson and you’ll have the chance to walk away with a physical photo with your favorite cosplay star.

  • 48 Artist Alley – A Chance To Buy And Admire Original Artworks


    The Artist’s Alley is one of the most crowded areas of the festival, and that’s a proof of the participants’ talent. Alempe, Maddyline, Catnapy, Anca Toma, TeoHoble, Amena, Heikky, Sho Biyunko, Ayashige, Yoneyu, a3107, bbz & liz are eager to meet you at the festival!

  • 49 Panels – Informative And Smart Discussions On Great Subjects


    Takemura Juku and Berliner Gazette will have a presentation about the culture of Parkour, because, in Japan, big cities are lacking public spaces and a rich parkour culture has evolved, related to the cosplay, otaku and video game community. Mirela Murgescu will talk to you about Satoshi Kon and the Japanese contemporary reality, and Alice Teodorescu will tell you about yokai, oni, kami and other supernatural creatures from the Japanese folklore.

  • 50 GameLoading: Rise of the Indies


    In collaboration with CEGC and Romanian Design Week, we’re bringing a special screening of the GameLoading: Rise of the Indies documentary.