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Otaku Fest 2015 full access tickets for international attendees are available online for pre-purchase on the Kanzen Music website. At the door tickets will also be available for purchase at the event, priced at 30 lei per day.

Meet the Artist’s Alley Participants!

Meet the Artist’s Alley Participants!

Artist’s Alley is one of the most crowded areas of the festival, and that’s a proof of the participants’ talent. This year we thought you might like to know who’s going to attend Otaku Festival’s Artist’s Alley, to know a bit about each of them and to catch a glimpse of their works. So here they are: this year’s selected artists! They are all eager to meet you at the festival!

  • artists-alley-otaku-festival-2015-01


    I’ve been into the world of anime and manga for quite a while, drawing fanart from various series I’ve loved. Alongside my depictions of characters such as Griffith from Berserk, or Sanson from the manga Innocent, I also draw my own original characters, and I’m currently working on a webcomic which will be launched soon. If you want to catch a glimpse of my art, visit my page at:

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    Hi! I’m Maddy and I’ve been an otaku for six years. As MaddyLine.Art I’ve participated in the anime community events with fanart, and I’ve also started coordinating anime-style drawing panels. At my booth you’ll find stickers, badges, bookmarks, etc. with characters from very famous animes such as Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon, Bleach, Inuyasha, Ao Haru Ride, but also with my own creations. I’ve also finished my first shoujo manga, Secret Hearts, which appeared as a one shot (4 chapters). You can check some of my creations at:

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    Hello~ I’m known as catnapy within the drawing and cosplay community and Im here to bring forward moe in the form of art and illustrations.

  • artists-alley-otaku-festival-2015-05

    Anca Toma

    I’m an artist in love with the Japanese culture. I mainly use acrylics and pencil and what I love most is drawing fan art or original works inspired from Japanese/manga-anime themes.

  • artists-alley-otaku-festival-2015-04


    Architecture student, freelance artist and professional fangirl. The obsession manifests itself through countless hours spent with a tablet and monitor, creating images that hopefully make others about as happy as they make myself. I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Procrastination, avoiding responsibilities with sniper precision. But then again, coloring that “Sailor Moon” fanart is obviously more important than university homework… right? Right :) See you all in May!

  • artists-alley-otaku-festival-2015-06


    Hey there! I’m Amena-chan and I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, though I’ve started making anime and manga inspired drawings about 12 years ago. I am now a freelancer illustrator, working for people from all over the world, individuals, companies and foreign events, having also participated with works at Comiket (Japan) for several editions, since 2012. I’ve been participating in almost every anime related convention in Romania, in the past 6 years, aiming to bring new illustrations each and every time. See you all at Otaku Festival!

  • artists-alley-otaku-festival-2015-07


    Hey there! My name is Heikky and I’m a chubby penguin. I’m also an aspiring artist, with an attraction for anime, games and webcomics. After going trough three years of secret training in the desolate mountains, at the Manga Club in Brasov, I’m really excited to finally be part of this year’s Artist Alley! I’ll be preparing fanart from some of my favorite anime and games: League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, Touhou, Haikyuu, Tokyo Ghoul and many more. Hope to see you there!,

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    Sho Biyunko

    I have always enjoyed Art/Anime from an early age. Certainly one of my favorite things is attending anime conventions where i can interact with fans and enthusiasts of art. My artwork includes original illustrations, fan arts, story concepts (doujinshi) and artistic revelations alike. Although the main theme remains fantasy, I experimented with other themes like historical epics and romance. Creating original art is my ultimate goal so I published my own graphic novel (manga), based on a little fantasy world, which was very well received.

  • artists-alley-otaku-festival-2015-09


    Ever since I heard that anime will take over the world, I strapped on my (not-so-loli) combat boots, armed myself with a stylus and decided to help my fellow otaku in their brave endeavor. So here I am now, spreading the love for this art form and sharing chibies and bishies with the ever-growing community, always happy to bring together my passions for drawing and anime.

  • artists-alley-otaku-festival-2015-10


    Hello Otaku Festival! My name is Yoneyu and I’m currently studying Architecture at the ‘Ion Mincu’ University in Bucharest. I’m very passionate about manga and anime, as well as the Japanese culture. For three years now I’ve been going to conventions as an artist, and this year I’ll be attending an anime convention in Germany, alongside other artists from Romania and from other countries as well. I can’t wait to see you all at this year’s edition of Otaku Festival!

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    Illustrator by day, illustrator by night, and fanartist in between, a love-hate relationship with sleep, and a mind feeding on stories of all kinds, that’s present me. Nice to meet you!

  • artists-alley-otaku-festival-2015-12

    bbz & liz

    bbz and liz are two aspiring artists from Bucharest, who share a passion for visual arts. Whilst one dreams of becoming a cartoonist and the other an architect, what brings them together is the act of drawing. It all started back in 2012; when they found out they both enjoyed watching anime/cartoons, reading comics and drawing, the process of perpetually inspiring one another was initiated, with the result of the current duo. Regarding their merchandise, it will consist of prints, stickers and bookmarks of various anime, cartoon series and other elements of otaku culture. Additionally, they are willing to take on-the-spot sticker commissions. Their level of excitement is maximal, since this is their first experience of the kind, and they hope to make the most of it, since they are positive this is an event that will shape them as artists.,

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