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Otaku Fest 2015 full access tickets for international attendees are available online for pre-purchase on the Kanzen Music website. At the door tickets will also be available for purchase at the event, priced at 30 lei per day.

Meet the Cosplay Judges!

Meet the Cosplay Judges!

We are sure you were wondering who is going to judge all those nice costumes that will take part into the cosplay competition. The surprise for this edition of Otaku Festival is that we’ll have two different juries for the solo and group cosplay competition.

Having international cosplay judges is already a tradition at Otaku Festival, so this year is no exception. So first let us proudly introduce our judges for the solo cosplay competition, which will take place on Saturday:


  • Astarohime

    astarohime-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001Coming from Russia, this is her second participation at Otaku Festival. Her elaborate gowns are quite a view and make you think about the golden ages of the past.
    Facebook / deviantART

  • Emperor

    emperor-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001A chameleonic Russian cosplayer who can easily switch from a delicate princess to a grumpy dwarf without any of you noticing it’s the same person behind the cosplay.

  • Soph

    soph-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001Last year’s Belgian representative to the famous ECG cosplay competition in Paris with an impressive Appleseed cosplay, and also a member of the organization BE Cosplay.

  • Goldy

    goldy-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001This wonderful mecha expert is flying from Japan straight to Otaku Festival. We’re happy to have him in the jury for the group cosplay competition.

  • Dario Cosplay

    dario-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001A talented and experienced cosplayer from Italy, with a very wide range of characters, varying from Sanji (One Piece), to Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed).
    Site / Facebook

And if you were wondering who is going to judge the group cosplay competition, here it is the line-up, made by our cosplay special guests:


  • Yuegene

    yuegene-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001She comes from Thailand and she surely is one of the greatest cosplayers out there. This is her first visit at Otaku Festival and she’s looking forward to all those wonderful costumes and skits!

  • Kaname

    kaname-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001The well-known Japanese cosplayer returns to Otaku Festival, joining the group of judges on Sunday. We’re excited to see what you’ll bring onstage!

  • Reika

    reika-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001Already a good friend of Otaku Festival, one of the most famous cosplayers from Japan is coming for the third time to our event. This time, she will judge the group cosplay competition, so do your best!

  • Rei and Ryoko

    rr-judge-otaku-festival-2015-001Rei and Ryoko are coming from Russia to see you performing on stage. They also love being on stage, so it will be a very nice experience having them as judges.
    Facebook / deviantART

They are all friends of Cosplay GEN magazine and we wish them luck in their not so easy of a task!

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