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Cosplay photos post-processing

Cosplay photos post-processing

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Coordinator: Pugoffka//Duration: 1 h//Age category: All ages//Participants: 50//Difficulty: Medium

At the workshop, you will learn how to make your cosplay photos gorgeous in a fast and – most importantly – easy way. The workshop is conceived for both photographers, as well as cosplayers. Pugoffka will clearly and effectively explain how to treat skin issues and how to correct makeup, how to remove hairs sticking out of the wig, how to change eye color and how to get rid of unnecessary items in the background.

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Also, she will talk about how to add some effects (like fire and lightning) and textures to the photo. During the workshop, she will process the photo, in order to clearly explain the main points of post-processing. And, as a conclusion, she will disclose for you one of her secrets about how to make a photo as volumetric as possible.

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